Why The Tea Kit? Lets Talk.

Despite recognizing its superior taste and health benefits, many consumers forgo drinking whole leaf loose tea, saying that it takes too much time and effort to brew during a busy day and when on the go.

That is why Herbal Republic Fine Teas in Vancouver has created the Tea Kit, a compact, lightweight, easy way to brew loose leaf tea on the go. Each Tea Kit contains loose leaf tea plus 30 unbleached compostable tea filters. The idea is simple – take a teaspoon of tea and put it into the filter, put the filter into the cup or mug, add boiling water, steep, and enjoy. Once done, place the filter in the compost.

Now, you may wonder what’s so special about loose leaf tea? Why doesn’t it just come bagged, like other tea?


Only whole leaves retain and deliver the optimum flavour, aroma and goodness of tea. When cut and crushed, the delicate leaves lose their taste and polyphenol antioxidants. Also, whole leaves keep the tea fresh – think about the difference between already ground coffee versus when one grinds his or her own beans and makes fresh coffee. The aroma and taste of freshly ground coffee is always better in comparison to pre-ground instant coffee. Broken tea leaves get stale much quicker than unbroken leaves, and the oil in them evaporates much quicker than if they are whole.

In addition, loose leaf tea must have room to infuse. This allows them to release their full flavour into the water. Unfortunately, the conventional tea bag does not give tea leaves enough room to expand or unfurl, and therefore the full flavour does not release. Health benefits suffer in tea bags as well; because the leaves are broken and torn, much of the antioxidant potency evaporates along with the flavour.

Another argument is that caffeine is high in tea bags than in loose leaves. Again, the culprit is the broken pieces versus the whole leaf. Loose tea leaves generally come from the higher quality top leaves of the branches of the tea plant. They are not subject to bumping and brusing as lower grade leaves are, which are often included in tea bag tea leaves. Also, the tea bag tea leaves are machine processed where leaves are compressed and torn, then dehydrated before they go into the bag


Although the Tea Kit is an appealing product for consumers, it is first and foremost a product that is earth friendly. This quality comes from Herbal Republic’s commitment to the environment and sustainability despite trends in the market. The owners of Herbal Republic, have a personal commitment to leave a healthy planet for future generations.

Five years ago, they started a project called ‘Sip to Save the Planet’, which eventually led to the creation of the Herbal Republic Tea Kit.

In addition to better quality, tasting and healthy teas, the Tea Kit filters contain no bleach, corn starch materials, glue, metal, staples or string, and are completely compostable. When the company originally launched the Tea Kit, it was packaged in a beautiful tin. In early 2011, they felt it was necessary to cut their carbon footprint and produce compostable packaging locally in Canada. They launched their new Tea Kit packaging in Spring 2011, which is completely backyard compostable.

Finally, Herbal Republic is a member of two environmental organizations committed to sustainable practices: The Ethical Tea Partners www.ethicalteapartnership.com and The Green Table www.greentable.net.


To steep whole leaf tea well – it needs space to expand and ensure full infusion.

Offers 30 unbleached compostable tea filters in each box for convenience.

The packaging is also recyclable or compostable in backyard composts.

Offers taste, flavour, aroma and COMPLETE health benefits.

Why would you drink anything else?